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Windows to the Soul: Jesus' Last Hours through the Eyes of the People who Witnessed Them

You are invited to join the Woodbury Heights-Manuta-Wenonah Ministerium for our annual Lenten Lunch Study:


Join us for five weeks as we witness the last hours of Jesus' life through the eyes of the people that were there. From Mary to John, the Roman soldiers to the crowd at the cross, these perspectives have something to tell us about who Jesus is and what his last hours meant for the entire world. It will be a powerful experience and an excellent way to experience a holy Lent.

Lunch begins at 12 PM at various churches at the Ministerium.
The study starts February 21, 2018; and ends March 21, 2018.
The study culminates with a community Good Friday service, at 12 PM on March 30 at Mantua UMC.

Schedule for the Study

Feb 2        Mantua UMC – The Romans at the Cross
Feb 28      Mt. Zion Wesley UMC – The Thieves on the Crosses
March 7    Woodbury Heights Presbyterian  - The Sanhedrin
March 14   Holy Trinity Episcopal Church – The Crowds on Calvary
March 21   New Sharon UMC – The Women at the Cross