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What Happens on the Cross? Understanding Atonement

What Happened on the Cross: Understanding Atonement

Sundays starting May 5
9:00 AM – Parish Hall


We are celebrating the Resurrection, but have you ever wondered what happened on the Cross in the first place? What does it mean that Jesus died to forgive sins and to defeat Sin and Death? In this six-week study we will look at many different understandings of the “atonement” (what happens on the Cross) including: 

  •    May 5        Intro to Atonement

  •  May 12        Classic, Objective & Subjective

  •  May 19        Deep Dive: Ransom & Moral Theory*       

  •   June 2        Deep Dive: Substitutionary Atonement

  •   June 9        Deep Dive: Christus Victor

  • June 16        Others Theories & Conclusion*

* Means it's the 3rd Sunday of the Month and we will start late to accommodate 8 AM Coffee Hour